Timimoun 11 - 15 March 2007

Gunela Astbrink at The Gourara Hotel, Timimoun, overlooking the Sahara desert and salt lakes

These pictures are from my visit to Timimoun and the conference HuMaN'07 that I attended as an accompanying person from 11 to 15 March 2007.

My first visit abroad to a conference was in 1973 to Pittsburgh, but this was my first ever participation as an accompanying person and I must confess I enjoyed it a lot! It was, of course, somewhat exhausting to go on exotic bus trips every day and be forced to take hundreds of photos. :-) But I would easily do it again if I had the chance!

The last day my cameras got problems with the desert dust and the automatic flash pop-up stopped working. However, it turned out to be an easy fix after searching the web when coming back to Stockholm.

Thanks to all that organized this nice event, and especially to Alain and Zaki!

11 and 12 March - By air from Paris to Adrar and bus trip to Timimoun. Guided tour of the Ouled Saïd Area: Ighzer cave, palm grove, Ksours of Aghlad.

13 March - Guided tour of Tasfaouet's oasis. Gentour with seven Ksours and Semdjane. Conference Gala Dinner.

14 March - Visit to Human07 with coffee break. Walk through Timimoun and the its old town. Bus tour for all Human07 participants to the commune Tinerkouk, 230 km. Guided tour of Fatis's oasis, Zaouiat Debbagh.

15 March - Bus to Adrar airport, University of Adrar, lunch, flight to Alger.


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